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Yvonne mainly imports gemstones (blue sapphires, colored sapphires, star sapphires, hessonites, moonstones, spinels, star rubies, topazes, etc.) from Sri Lanka, a country rich in gemstones, and also rare gemstone imports (papalachia sapphire, alexandrite, tsavorite, etc.) directly from Sri Lanka.
By living with jewels of mystery and beauty created in the earth's crust over a vast number of years, we help people create a sense of comfort, color, enjoyment, and radiance in their daily lives.
By uncovering top-notch local resources (technologies) and connecting local resources in jewelry planning, we will revitalize the region and create added value that transcends national borders.
One of yvonne's representative employees is a Sri Lankan living in Sri Lanka and has been a jeweler for generations, so he is familiar with the Sri Lankan jewelry market. This is a business model that enables the "direct import of good products at reasonable prices."
Main Services
Loose jewelry sales: You can collect beautiful gems and enjoy looking at them at home, or you can make your own original jewelry with your favorite gems to show off your individuality and presence.

Jewelery sales: Unisex and simple designs
1. Sri Lankan traditional design
2. Planning and design (collaboration with local craftsmen)

Gemstones sales: You can enjoy the beauty of nature, not human hands.
Subscription service
Online Gemstone Mine:One fresh Sri Lankan gemstone will be randomly delivered to your home every month!

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