Special effects and rare stones

A garnet with a unique inclusion of honey-like thickness that is not found in other gems. The one with high red color and transparency is called "cinnamon stone" and is especially popular.

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Star sapphire (purple, gray, pink, white)

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This sapphire is often produced in Sri Lanka. Pink, violet, and yellow are especially popular.

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The sapphire has a star effect, in which six streaks of light appear from the center of the sapphire when illuminated by a spotlight, making it an ideal stone for daytime and nighttime parties. It is also very popular for its mystique.

It is difficult to find large, good quality spinels in Japan, which are very popular in Europe. Sri Lanka is famous for its rare spinels.

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It is a vivid red tourmaline that is considered the next most valuable after Paraiba tourmaline and Indigolite tourmaline.

It is the second most valuable green garnet after the demantoid garnet.

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Chrysoberyl itself, the same mineral as alexandrite, is rare, and cymophane, with its cat's eye effect, is very popular.

It is a gemstone that changes its color from day to night. It is a gemstone that collectors adore. Depending on the quality, it can be sold for more than high-grade diamonds.

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This pink-orange sapphire is the color of a lotus flower and is considered a rare gemstone because it is produced in extremely small quantities. Many Sri Lankan sapphires are said to be of particularly high quality.

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